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April 23 2014

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April 21 2014

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July 30 2013

Posting by e-mail

To post to your soup by e-mail, all you need to do is to send mail to the address in your soup's admin panel, in the section "Post by e-mail."

E-mail posting and content types

We try to be smart about the post content types we create for each e-mail you send us:

Mails with images attached to them will be converted to Image posts (one image post per image attached). Their Subject line becomes the image's body.

Mails with any other file attached will become a File post. We'll also show the mp3 player widget if you send an mp3 to your soup.

Mails with an http: link on a line of its own in the mail body become Links. The mail's Subject becomes the link title, the rest of the mail body goes in the post body.

Mails with a link to a YouTube video (or any other video site soup recognizes) on a line of its own in the mail body, it'll be converted to a Video post automatically. We use only the Subject line as the video text.

Mails whose subject starts with "quote from" become Quotes. The text after "quote from" will be used as the attribution.

Anything else becomes a text post with the optional Subject line as its title.

Posting to Soup from an iPhone

The above might sound sound very familiar if you own an iPhone and you have tried the "Share this"/"E-mail this" buttons in the various pre-installed apps. From every standard application that can share things by e-mail, you can send mail to your posting address and we'll do the right thing with it.

A word on security

The posting address you see in your soup is unique: Whoever has access to it can use it to post to your soup (but they can't log in with it, or delete posts). If you suspect that the address has fallen in the wrong hands, click the "Regenerate address" button in your admin panel, and we'll throw away the old address and create a new one for you.
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April 18 2013

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January 18 2013

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Niemand hat die Absicht eine Mate-Mauer zu errichten!
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December 31 2012

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December 06 2012

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November 30 2012

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November 12 2012

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Als Nachtisch zum veganen Kochstudio: Teslaspule am Spieß.

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November 09 2012

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November 06 2012

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November 01 2012

October 29 2012

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October 28 2012

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trolltv: finde den anschalter
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October 20 2012

Caveman News
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October 16 2012

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October 15 2012

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